Scientific articles about skin cancer and Mohs surgery

Mohs surgery for treatment of basal cell carcinoma (Weekly Journal for Doctors)

Martin Glud, Silje Haukali Omland, John Paoli & Robert Gniadecki
Weekly Journal for Doctors 2017;179:V07160501
Accepted: Nov. 23, 2016
Published on Feb. 06, 2017

Micrographic surgery is currently the only technique which ensures complete removal of basal cell carcinomas. The major limitation is the high set-up cost, which is particularly connected with specialized training of surgeons, technicians and the set-up of a histology facility for frozen tissue sectioning and staining. In the long run, however, the cost of Mohs surgery per patient does not exceed that of conventional surgery. The technique is very safe and has multiple advantages over any other treatment modality. It achieves the highest cure rates, it is minimally invasive, it conserves tissue and enables the optimal closure of the surgical
defect. Mohs surgery is cost-effective, especially when dealing with poorly demarcated, high-risk, facial tumors, where it should be considered the first choice for treatment.

Basal cell carcinoma (Weekly Journal for Doctors)

Martin Glud, Silje Haukali Omland & Robert Gniadecki
Weekly Journal for Physicians 2016;178:V07150603
Accepted: April 5, 2016
Published on May 16, 2016

Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is the most common type of cancer in humans. The lifetime risk of developing BCC is 30%. The scope of the treatment is total eradication of the tumor followed by preservation of functionality and optimal cosmetic results. The risk of recurrence after treatment is highest in the tumors with aggressive growth patterns, in tumors located in the facial H-zone and in recurrent tumors. The optimal treatment of high-risk BCCs is surgical excision or radiotherapy. Low-risk tumors may be treated with cryo-therapy, curettage, photo-dynamic therapy or topical agents.

Favourable results of Mohs micrographic surgery for basal cell carcinoma

Martin Glud, Silje Haukali Omland & Robert Gniadecki
Danish Medical Journal 2015;62(12):A5171
Accepted: Oct. 22, 2015

MMS is an effective and safe treatment of facial BCC. MMS is the treatment of choice for high-risk tumors and recurrent BCC in several countries. Unfortunately, MMS is underused in Scandinavia despite the high incidence of BCC and an increasing incidence of BCC in younger individuals. This study documents that Mohs surgery is a feasible and valuable treatment option for BCC in a dermatological setting in Denmark. Currently, our centre performs 5-7 Mohs procedures weekly, complying with international guidelines for volume requirements, and the centre is accredited by the European Society of Mohs Surgery.

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