Effective treatment of skin cancer with Mohs surgery

Hudkræftklinikken.dk treats basal cell carcinomas (skin cancer) with Mohs surgery. This operation is the most effective for treatment of skin cancer, and the result is the safest both with regard to the removal of cancer and the least possible scarring. Since we are a private clinic, you can be treated quickly without being on a public waiting list.

Specialists in skin cancer

The specialists at Hudkræftklinikken.dk have extensive experience with Mohs surgery and treatment of skin cancer. Therefore, we can assure you a safe and quick treatment.

Are you referred by your doctor?

You can be examined and treated at Hudkræftklinikken.dk through the contract on Expanded Free Hospital Choice (if the waiting time for treatment at a public hospital exceeds 30 days).

Do you have health insurance?

You an be examined and treated at Hudkræftklinikken.dk by your private/workplace health insurance.

Do you have to pay?

You can be examined and treated at Hudkræftklinikken.dk, if you pay yourself. Please contact us directly via the contact form at the bottom of the page.



Hudkræftklinikken.dk is by your side from the introductory tests, through treatment to the final checkups. You are also welcome to contact us for a consultation, if you are in doubt about whether you have skin cancer.


The team consists of a Dermatologist and a certified Mohs surgeon Martin Glud, Plastic surgery specialist Inanna Weiss, daily manager Bolette Birch and dedicated nurses and technicians. Guidance, Mohs surgery and reconstruction is performed by our specialists.

MARTIN GLUDAttending physician, Specialist in dermato-venereology (skin disease), Mohs surgery, Ph.d, Clinical director.
Martin Glud blev uddannet som læge i år 2000 ved Københavns Universitet. Ansat som Overlæge ved Dermatologisk Afdeling, Bispebjerg Hospital, hvor han er ansvarlig for behandling af patienter med hudkræft. Han varetager den kirurgiske behandling af hudkræft med fokus på Mohs kirurgi.

Martin Glud har foretaget over 1000 Mohs kirurgiske operationer ved Dermatologisk Afdeling, Bispebjerg Hospital. Foruden aktuelle ansættelse ved Bispebjerg Hospital, har han haft ansættelse ved Klinik for Plastikkirurgi og Brandsårsbehandling, Rigshospitalet.

Martin Glud har erhvervet Ph.d grad i 2011 indenfor sygdommen modermærkekræft. Han er stadig aktiv indenfor forskning i hudkræft og er forfatter eller medforfatter til 15 videnskabelige artikler. Han er desuden klinisk lektor ved Københavns Universitet og underviser kommende læger i hud- og kønssygdomme.

INANNA WEISSMD, Specialist in plastic surgery
Inanna Weiss is specialist in plastic surgery trained at the Royal Hospital in Oslo, and has spent three years specializing in face reconstruction and treatment of vascular anomalies and hemangiomas at St. Lukes – Roosevelt Hospital (Columbia University) in New York. She has performed over 500 reconstructive interventions, primarily surgery of the face after skin cancer and as a part in treatment of caranomalies and hemangiomas among both adults and children. She has organized many conference and presented at international scientific conference such as EURAPS, ISAPS, EADV, NSVA and many other international meeting and written many scientific articles published in international journals.

Since 2014, Inanna has worked at the plastic surgery department at the Royal Hospital in Copenhagen before she started Hudkræftklinikken with Martin and Bolette. She has a collaboration with colleagues in England, USA and New Zealand within skin cancer/face reconstruction and vascular malformation. She is a member of several international plastic surgery companies and an associate member of the European Society for Micrographic Surgery (ESMS) and participates annually in several conferences to refresh her knowledge.

KATRINE E. SAROORISurgical nurse
KIA MORTENSENSurgical nurse


As the only private clinic in Denmark, Hudkræftklinikken.dk can perform Mohs surgery. Using Mohs surgery ensures a complete removal of the skin cancer with a microscopic check. At the same time, this ensures that the least possible healthy tissue is removed. The method is tissue conserving, which ensure optimal functionality and cosmetic results. The method has the lowest recurrence (recidivism) and complications are rare. Mohs surgery is always performed with local anesthesia, which allows you to leave the clinic a short time after final treatment.

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Hudkræftklinikken.dk is by your side from the introductory tests, through treatment to the final checkups. Find our prices here.

Praktisk Information

What does a treatment involve and what is the process from requesting an appointment to a completed treatment? Find practical information here.


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