As the only private clinic in Denmark, Hudkræftklinikken can perform skin cancer treatment with Mohs surgery. In Mohs surgery, the skin cancer is removed in one operation and we continue until we no longer find evidence that cancer cells are present.

  • Performed under local anesthesia only
  • Does not require hospitalization

  • Is a safe method for skin cancer removal

  • Provides an optimal cosmetic result

Skin cancer often spreads beyond the visible area, so there’s no way of knowing how far it has spread. The aim of Mohs surgery is to remove skin cancer cells as precisely as possible while preserving as much healthy tissue as possible. The method is particularly suitable for skin cancers that tend to grow aggressively or have a high risk of recurrence. Unlike other methods, Mohs surgery involves continuous examination of the tissue removed during surgery. This is a great advantage as it allows the surgeon to ensure that the cancer is completely removed in just one operation. That’s why Mohs surgery is an effective method for treating skin cancer. Up to 40% less tissue is removed in Mohs surgery compared to standard surgical removal.

Mohs surgery is the gold standard in the US, the Netherlands, the UK and several other leading countries for skin cancer treatment in the head and neck region.

The Skin Cancer Clinic is by your side from the initial tests, through treatment, to final check-ups. You are also welcome to contact us for a consultation if you are unsure whether you have skin cancer.

In a Swedish study, the certainty of cure in previously untreated basal cell carcinoma was calculated to be 97.9%. In previously treated basal cell carcinoma, the safety is 94.8%.

We understand that the thought of undergoing surgery can be scary. As a patient, it’s natural to have concerns and want reassurance in this situation. We want to reassure you that we are here to support you throughout the process and ensure your experience is as pleasant as possible.

First and foremost, we have a dedicated team of experienced doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals who specialize in the field. Our number one priority is your safety, comfort and well-being. We have carefully planned and prepared to perform this operation in a professional and caring manner.

We will make sure you receive all the necessary information about the surgery in advance. Our team will answer all your questions, listen to your concerns and explain the process in detail. We will ensure that you have a clear understanding of what is expected during surgery, including preparation, anesthesia, duration of surgery and expected recovery time.

During the operation, you will be surrounded by a dedicated and professional team who are highly experienced in their field. We use modern technology and advanced medical procedures to ensure the best possible treatment.

After surgery, we will give you clear instructions on aftercare and follow-up care so that you can recover optimally and achieve the best cosmetic result.

We understand that surgery can be an emotional experience and we are here to support you in any way we can. We will listen to your needs, respect your wishes and take your individual preferences into account. Your health and well-being is our top priority, and we will do our best to ensure you feel safe and well taken care of throughout the process.

Mohs surgery is a safe treatment for skin cancer. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia only, so you do not need to fast. The surgery itself typically takes a few hours. Once the surgery is over, you’ll need to wait 15-20 minutes before you can go home, mainly to make sure you’re comfortable and there’s no bleeding. Only in exceptional cases is hospitalization necessary.

Upon arrival at the clinic, you will be greeted by our staff. The doctor will re-examine you and inform you again about the procedure and plan. Then the surgery begins. The nurse will perform the initial maneuvers (washing and draping), after which the doctor will start the anesthesia and surgery. The visible part of the skin cancer is surgically removed and a dressing is placed over the wound. You will then sit in the waiting room while we examine the removed tissue under a microscope. If residual skin cancer is found, the procedure is repeated until all skin cancer is removed. The wound is then closed using plastic surgery techniques. If possible, the wound is closed with simple closure (side-to-side), but for larger defects, it may be necessary to move the skin from the “neighboring area” with so-called ‘lap plastic’, which provides the optimal cosmetic result. Finally, the wound can be closed using skin grafting, where skin is typically taken from the area in front or behind the ear. Once the wound is closed, a bandage is applied, which only needs to be removed again when you come in for suture removal.

Thread removal is agreed on the day of surgery.

  • Performed under local anesthesia only
  • Does not require hospitalization
  • Is a safe method for skin cancer removal
  • Provides the optimal cosmetic result

The first part of the surgery usually takes 20 minutes, while it takes 1-2 hours to examine the removed tissue microscopically. Typically, 1-3 rounds of tissue removal and examination are required, but this varies from patient to patient. An operation and waiting time in the waiting room will therefore usually last approximately 3-4 hours over a single day.

Unfortunately, all surgeries leave scars, but Mohs surgery provides optimal cosmetic results.

An effective skin cancer surgery with optimal cosmetic results

An effective and tissue-sparing skin cancer surgery with an optimal cosmetic result

Mohs surgery is a safe method of removing skin cancer. The surgery is always performed under local anesthesia.
The visible skin cancer and a small 1-2 mm strip of surrounding healthy tissue are removed.

The preparation is examined under a microscope immediately. This allows the presence of skin cancer to be visualized, both laterally and in depth, and if residual tumors are found during microscopy, the procedure is repeated until all cancer is removed. The skin defect can then be closed with plastic surgery techniques.
The patient is seen after 5-7 days for check and removal of sutures (threads).

Steps in Mohs surgery

Step 1

Basal cell carcinoma with spread to multiple skin layers.

Step 2

The surgeon removes all visible tumor tissue, but the roots still exist in the tissue. If additional skin cancer cells remain, they are removed.

Step 3

The removed tissue, the ‘specimen’, is processed according to Mohs principles (divided, marked, frozen on a slide, cut into microscopically thin slices and stained). This allows microscopy to see if there are residual cancer cells at the edge and in the depth of the specimen. This ensures that all cancerous tissue has been removed.

Step 4

If cancer-infected tissue is found under the microscope, the surgeon will remove a new layer of skin based on where the cancer cells were detected.

Step 5

The process is repeated until no evidence of cancer cells is found. This way, as much of the healthy tissue as possible is spared.

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