As the only private clinic in Denmark, Hudkræ can perform Mohs surgery. Through Mohs surgery, you ensure a complete removal of skin cancer in an operation.


An effective and tissue saving operation with optimal cosmetic results

As the only private clinic in Denmark, Hudkræ can perform Mohs surgery. Mohs surgery is the safest method for removing skin cancer. The operation is always done with local anesthesia. The visible skin cancer and a smaller fringe of about 1 – 2 mm of the surrounding healthy tissue is removed. The sample is examined in a microscope immediately. In this way, the presence of skin cancer is visualized, both on the edges and in depth. Under the microscope you can find remaining tumors, and repeat the procedure until all cancer is removed. Then the wound can be closed using plastic surgery techniques. The patient is seen after 5 – 7 days for a check and removal of sutures (thread).

Basal cell carcinoma spreading in multiple skin layers.

The surgery removes all visible tumor tissue, but the roots remain in the tissue. If additional skin cancer cells come back, they are removed.

The tissues removed, “the sample”, is treated according to Mohs principles (divided, marked, freezed on an object glass, cut in microscopically thin layers and stained). In this way, with microscopy it can be seen whether there is remaining cancer cells on the edges and in the bottom of the sample. In this way, you can be sure that the cancerous tissue is removed.

If cancerous tissue is found under the microscope, the surgeon removes a new layer of skin based on where the cancer cells are discovered.

The process is repeated until you no longer find proof that there are cancer cells present. In this way, you save as much as possible of the healthy tissue.

Why Mohs surgery?

Hudkræftklinikken treats basal cell carcinomas (skin cancer) with Mohs surgery.

Skin cancer often spreads outside of the visible area, and therefore you can’t know in advance how far it has spread. In contrast to other methods, through Mohs surgery you can continually investigate the tissue you remove under the operation. This is a big advantage, since the surgery can ensure that the cancer is completely removed in only one operation. Therefore, Mohs surgery is the most effective method for treatment of skin cancer, and the result is the safest both regarding removal of the cancer that the optimal cosmetic result. There is up to 40% less tissue removed with Mohs surgery compared with standard surgical removal.

Mohs surgery is the gold standard in the USA, Holland, UK and several other leading lands within skin cancer treatment in the head and neck region. The assurance of total healing is 99 %. The recurrence is 1 %, for basal cell carcinoma that was not previously treated, and 5 % for basal cell carcinomas that are treated previously with another method.

Hudkræ is by your side from the initial tests, through the treatment to the final checks. You are also welcome to contact us for a consultation, if you are in doubt about whether you have skin cancer.

How does Mohs surgery take place?

Mohs surgery is the safest treatment for skin cancer. The operations is only done with local anesthesia, and therefore you do not need to fast. The actual operation takes only a couple of hours, typically. When the operation is finished, you should wait 15-20 minutes before you go home, primarily to ensure that you are well and not bleeding. Only in rather special cases is an admission to a hospital necessary.

When you arrive at the clinic, you will be received by our personnel. The doctor will examine you again and inform you about the intervention and the plans. Then the operation starts. The nurse will perform the initial steps (washing and uncovering) after which the doctor starts with the anesthesia and the operation. The visible part of the skin cancer is operated away, after which a bandage is laid over the wound. Then you will sit in the waiting room, while we examine the removed tissues under a microscope. If remains of skin cancer is found the procedure is repeated until all skin cancer is removed. Then the wound is closed by the use of plastic surgery techniques. If it is possible to close the wound with a simple closure (side-to-side), but with larger defects, it can be necessary to move the skin from a “neighboring area” with a so called “plastic flap” that gives the optimal cosmetic result. Finally, the wound can be closed with the help of skin transplantation, where the skin typically is taken from an area in front or behind the ear. When the wound is closed, a bandage is applied, that will be removed again when you come in to remove the suture.

The day after the operation, you will be contacted by the clinic to hear if you are well.

Removal of sutures is scheduled on the day of the operation.

  • Performed exclusively with local anesthesia

  • Requires no admission

  • Is the safest method for all alternatives.

  • Provides the optimal cosmetic result

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