In March 2018, the Skin Cancer Clinic was awarded its accreditation according to the Danish Quality Model (DDKM), version 1. A seal of quality that gives our patients and partners a guarantee that we deliver the best quality and safety every time. We are accredited every three years and were last accredited in April 2021 (Version 2). The current accreditation is valid until 2024.

You can always check our accreditation status here:

The Danish Quality Model (DDKM) has been developed by IKAS (Institute for Quality and Accreditation in Healthcare) to ensure uniform/standardized and good quality in the Danish healthcare system. The quality model is built around ensuring the following basic principles in the accredited private clinic and in the rest of the healthcare system:

  • Increase patient safety and ensure coherent patient pathways
  • Constant follow-up, learning and developing the quality of diagnostics, treatment and follow-up in order to learn from mistakes
  • Transparency in healthcare quality through accreditations/approvals
  • Standardized high quality and professional level, no matter where the patient is in the healthcare system

Quality is linked to the patient experience

At Hudkræ, we have a special focus on our patients’ experience of our professionalism and service. The patient is at the center of the treatment process, and the experience of being a patient with us is therefore also adapted to the individual’s needs throughout the process.

We make a special effort to involve you in the details so that you understand every step of the treatment and feel comfortable along the way. Hudkræ at your side from the initial tests, through treatment to final check-ups. Read our patient satisfaction survey here.


  • If you are interested in reading more about the Danish Quality Model (DDKM), you can read more here.
  • If you want to read more about IKAS and the accreditation board, you can read more here.