“It was everything in my life. Day and night I thought about it.”

For many years I’ve had a little thing on my nose that I’ve taken to the dermatologist several times. In 2016, I had it frozen and then it pretty much disappeared. A year ago it came back, so I was referred to a dermatologist who said it was probably benign skin cancer. As it turned out, she was right. The dermatologist referred me to Bispebjerg Hospital because it was on my face, and Martin Glud performs Mohs surgery there, but due to a very long waiting time, I chose to contact the Skin Cancer Clinic myself.

I liked the idea of Mohs surgery, which the Skin Cancer Clinic uses, as you know that you get all the skin cancer in one surgery.
In 2019, a nodule was found in my thyroid gland, which was surgically removed. When the lump turned out to be cancerous, I had to undergo another surgery. Going through that waiting time between surgeries was horrible and it took over my life. Day and night I thought about it. So I had to get to work quickly on my nose. I actually think it was a really tough operation. They had said that it was common to operate 1-3 times, but they actually had to operate four times on me because it turned out that the skin cancer had made small threads and thus spread. I think that you wouldn’t have seen that if you had operated in the traditional way.

There was an insane amount of comfort at the Skin Cancer Clinic, even though it was hard. It was so nice to know that when I was done, I was done!!!

I’m pretty convinced that if they had operated on me in the traditional way, they wouldn’t have caught all the threads and I would have had to go back in for surgery. I feel quite convinced of this because Martin Glud was so surprised by the crowd. The fact that it was on your face also matters a lot. If it had been anywhere else on my body, it probably wouldn’t have been as important to me. But this – this was important to me. Now it’s nice and I can live with this result, but it’s something I think about every day. I try to cover it with makeup and hope that over time it gets smaller. The important thing is that it’s all gone.

Patient operated with Mohs on the nose.

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