For six months, I’d had what looked more like an incipient pimple on my nose. However, it didn’t really go away. In just 4 weeks, what I thought was a pimple suddenly looked like a big witch’s wart! It didn’t look very good. I called my doctor and got a referral to a dermatologist, who on closer inspection thought it needed to be looked at more closely.

I made an appointment to have the growth cut away. It was removed and the dermatologist was supposed to get back to me after 10 days. However, I heard nothing and contacted the clinic myself. Unfortunately, the answer was not so positive, because it was squamous cell cancer and it had to be removed.

I was referred to a plastic surgeon at the hospital. Here, the message was that 12 mm had to be cut around the nose. They would pick up skin from your cheek! It just couldn’t be right – I was devastated at the thought and immediately sat down at my computer and Googled other options for surgery.

Here I came across the Skin Cancer Clinic. I called the clinic and had a good chat with Bolette, who is the general manager of the clinic. Bolette had had the exact same surgery years ago that the hospital had offered me, and it hadn’t turned out very well. Bolette knew exactly what I was facing and how I felt, as she had been in the same situation herself.

I quickly made an appointment at the Skin Cancer Clinic and was excited to see how much needed to be removed. I was pretty nervous before the surgery, but the atmosphere was just so relaxed and nice, and it was a really good experience. I ended up with two very small triangles on my nose to close the hole after surgery and a total of 10 small stitches. Far less than I had dared to hope for. Not even my good friend could see the scars from a distance 2 months later. It’s so well done and I’m incredibly relieved and happy.

Gitte Olin

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