I have just completed a course at the Skin Cancer Clinic and can recommend this clinic in every conceivable way. A month before I started my course at the Skin Cancer Clinic, I had been to ANOTHER clinic in Copenhagen, which my general practitioner had referred me to, but where the plastic surgeon very successfully managed to install both fear and nervousness in me in connection with local anesthesia and atheroma removal by telling me that local anesthesia in the face is “pretty painful”.

So it took me a month to work up the courage to find another clinic, and that’s when I came across the Skin Cancer Clinic – thankfully! From the very beginning, when I spoke to Bolette, I was met with extreme kindness and humanity. Soon after, I was offered an appointment for a preliminary examination.

When I arrive at the clinic I am nervous, but am greeted by a lovely and warm staff, as well as calm and relaxing premises that strangely manage to make me feel at home, which is nice and far beyond expectations for a surgical clinic. The staff are nice and smiling and I felt respected and valued from the start. No arrogant undertones, which I’ve experienced in hospitals and GPs in the past.

At the preliminary examination, I share my draconian, medieval experiences from the other clinic and am met with complete understanding, humanity and empathy. Very quickly I feel completely relaxed and, most importantly, safe! I felt like I was talking to a world-class surgeon who also managed to be exceptionally human and focused on the patient’s well-being. And I was absolutely right! Despite Christmas and New Year, I quickly get a surgery day. Throughout the whole period leading up to it, I felt extremely safe, knowing I was in good hands. The doctor had prescribed a magic cream for me, which should take the edge off a local anesthetic, while informing me that she uses a special blend of local anesthetic that is less painful.

Sure enough, I hardly felt anything. The surgery was completely painless, I was allowed to put on a record myself as background music, and the doctor asked several times if I was okay and if I could feel anything. Despite the circumstances, it was an incredibly relaxing process where I never felt pain at any point and always felt safe. There was absolutely nothing to fault and I couldn’t have asked for a better process.

The doctor is the kind of person you wish was not only your plastic surgeon, but also your general practitioner and your dentist. An excellent role model for all people in terms of professionalism and humanity. Highest recommendations from here, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Kasper Priess Hollesen