“I could barely even see afterwards how much he had taken off my skin.”

About a year ago, I had noticed a white spot on my nose. It wasn’t something I wanted to do anything about. But then I have grandchildren, and every time I picked up the oldest one, she would say: “What is that?”. When I couldn’t think of any more good stories, I went to the doctor. He looked at me and said: “I don’t see anything”. He took a closer look with a magnifying glass to make a joke with me: “There… It’s nothing, Lars”, but then he saw the white spot and he made a referral to a dermatologist. The dermatologist said it was nothing, but she took a sample anyway. I suddenly got a call from the skin specialist and she gave me the message: “I’m afraid it’s cancer, but the good kind”. I just thought: “That’s almost impossible. I mean, it’s completely unthinkable that such a tiny little spot could be cancer.”. Luckily, I had health insurance through my work, and that’s how I got in touch with the Skin Cancer Clinic.

They looked at the area – it’s never nice to have a doctor up in your face because it was on my nose, but thankfully that was the worst part of it all. I could barely even see afterwards how much he had taken off my skin. Today there is a small scar from the surgery, I think I got off lightly. It should all be gone because Mohs surgery was used and I’ve been told to use sun protection. I’m super motivated after this experience, and I think I’ll give my granddaughter an adventure trip after she gets me to the doctor and has Mohs surgery.

Patient operated with Mohs on the nose.

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