5 huge stars from me.

I have nothing but good things to say about the Skin Cancer Clinic. Everyone without exception is so incredibly nice and really skilled.

I came with a number of spots of BCC on my face, and had been referred by my dermatologist to have it removed with Mohs surgery, and since Bispebjerg hospital had a very long waiting time, I chose to use my health insurance, but they refused to pay for it at first, and Bolette at the reception was so nice and good at helping me, so I pressed them and they ended up accepting it, so remember not to take no for an answer.

And what a fantastic treatment I have received all the way, everyone makes you feel completely comfortable lying in the chair and being cut, and there is nothing they will not do for you, I have not experienced anything like this before (even at private clinics) so thank you so much for that.

Unfortunately, I have seen several people with not so nice skin grafts after the same treatment as me, (but where Mohs has not been used) and where you have not gotten it all the first time, the second time and sometimes 3 times, or where you have taken a much larger area than necessary, this does not happen with Mohs, where EVERYTHING is removed but only what is necessary.

Best recommendations and greetings from
Marianne, my sister, and my faithful mother who was the driver

Marianne Kock