The clinic exudes a great working environment – which naturally rubs off on the users. Here you feel incredibly welcome – and the treatment is super professional and top-notch.

Personally, I was in a looooong messy assessment process in the public sector – but luckily ended up – albeit quite by chance – getting the right eyes on me, by a very competent and friendly doctor. However, the waiting time guarantee could not be met for the surgery to be performed (Mohs). Therefore, I was able to activate the extended free choice of hospital – and was referred by Region H to the Skin Cancer Clinic in Nordhavn.

I have now had 3 surgeries at the clinic – and have received fantastic treatment every time. Here you are seen as a whole person – and not – as I have often experienced – as a device that comes with a fault that needs to be fixed. For a former cancer survivor, it’s incredibly meaningful to be met with such empathy – to be seen and heard as a whole person. Just knowing that removing head hair during a procedure is considered an assault is a great reassurance.

If I had accepted any other treatment and not received the special MOSH that is professionally performed here – I would have been left with large bald patches on my head. Now my hair is preserved and I’ve had some impressive reconstructions of my scalp after the removal of skin cancer caused by radiotherapy.

BIG thanks and gratitude to all the staff. This is an important function that is fulfilled here when the public sector can’t keep up and is far from being able to provide treatment within the waiting time guarantee.

Pernille Warberg