“With Mohs surgery, it only took a week and I was back at work.”

My story starts with a small wound that wouldn’t heal, right next to my nose. It didn’t occur to me that it could be skin cancer. You don’t think about it until you actually have it.

But after a while I went to my own doctor and said: “What the heck can we do here?”. She took a small sample and said: “I can’t help you with that”. Then I went to a skin clinic in Rødovre, where I’m from, where they had operated on me before. He thought he had removed all the cancer last time, but now it had come back. He said he couldn’t operate on me twice, so he would recommend that I see other professionals. He was going on vacation and things got a little out of hand, so I was referred to a hospital. I went to the hospital to talk to them, but I got a bad feeling about the situation.

I’ve been privately employed by a company for many years, so I thought I had to have health insurance.

My dermatologist came back from vacation and I told him I didn’t feel good about that hospital. “Then you should try the Skin Cancer Clinic and Mohs surgery. It’s the best,” he said. I had to rely on that. Then I chatted with Bolette from the Skin Cancer Clinic. She wrote that I didn’t need to come in at all, I just needed to send a picture and my biopsy results. When I got an appointment – really quickly, which I thought was great – they were all ready for me. It was exactly the feeling I had hoped for from the start. They were there for me and created a safe space. I was very surprised at how well I was received. It was great to get it all done in one day. I was a bit shocked to have been there for a whole day and to have been cut, but looking back now, I’m glad it was all over in one day.

Looking back, I feel that it was the right treatment for me. I am very happy that it was the Skin Cancer Clinic that took care of me. The surgery itself is what it is, but the staff and the comfort around me was far beyond my expectations. Bolette and Trisse were so good to me. I could feel that they were there for me.

With Mohs surgery, it only took a week and I was back at work.

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