Skin cancer

Signs of skin cancer


Here is an article about signs of skin cancer, which you should pay attention to. The article focuses on the basal cell carcinoma, which is most often located in the head/neck region. There are also pictures of basal cell carcinoma with a description of the characteristics of skin cancer that would require you to seek out a doctor. Remember that you can always contact us to have an examination if you are in doubt about whether you have skin cancer.

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What is skin cancer?


What is basal cell carcinoma/skin cancer? How does it occur and how large a problem is it in Denmark? Find general facts about skin cancer in Denmark, and read about how the treatment typically proceeds.

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Articles about Skin Cancer and Mohs surgery


Here there are several scientific articles about Skin Cancer and Mohs surgery. Mohs surgery is the subject of special investigations as a treatment method for Skin Cancer. The scientific research supports the idea that Mohs surgery is the best treatment method for basal cell carcinoma/skin cancer because of its low recurrence rate and the optimal cosmetic results.

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